Good question. I’ve always felt that my identity was like a moving target – transforming as I evolved through various life experiences, accumulating knowledge and information wherever I went.  

I was born on a chicken farm in Lakewood, New Jersey. This was suburban living right out of LIFE magazine, where the women raised their children and chain-smoked and their husbands smoked their cigars and played poker.

After this relatively typical upbringing,  I went in search of the atypical. I left my small town and went to college in Washington DC, where I studied subjects to answer my questions. At George Washington University, I delved into philosophy, psychology, religion, and literature. To truncate the long-winded account of my studies, I got my P.H.D. (minus the dissertation) at The University of Maryland. My focus began and has remained to this day within the realm of Freudian theory.  As time progressed I got married, had four children, and got interested in various aspects of alternative health. I familiarized myself with different schools of nutrition: raw foods, ayurveda, macrobiotics, and everything in between. Simultaneously, I found myself drawn to the realm of spirituality. I became a certified Naam Yoga instructor and continue to learn and study Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

Finally, to wrap up this accounting of who I am, I must add the obvious. This description of myself is a version written with the understanding that it may change. I remain dedicated to this process of evolution and the ongoing collection of information.